about us

Midwest Smart Glass’s technology applications are only limited by your imagination and can vary greatly. We specialize in meeting the needs of architects, interior designers, property developers, builders, and contractors. Our product can be installed on any size glass, window, or door for residential or commercial applications..

About Our Company

Midwest Smart Glass was established in 2000 and offers a unique high-end privacy product for all kinds of different settings. Smart glass technology is quickly becoming a more popular privacy resolution, especially as people opt to renovate, extend, and improve their existing homes. Smart glass is not only stylish and futuristic, but it also has a simple design that is sure to impress. Our patented product takes energy performance seriously by providing outstanding insulating capabilities against heat loss and UV radiation. Smart Glass has been manufactured and supplied to a wide range of industries including residential, retail, hospitality, healthcare, and even leisure. Regardless of the industry, our goal is to provide the best customer experience from estimate to finished installation.